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And Down The Stretch They Come...

Chad Logan 7-16-09

Welcome to the second half!

Well, actually, welcome to the rest of the second half.

Some thoughts on the what has been, and what is to come...
  • The standings tell us the Tigers should be pushing 90 wins, and have a fighting chance to win the division and reclaim the long lost glory of 2006 (seems longer ago than that, doesn't it?). Stats tell us it's a miracle they aren't in 4th place, actually, two right arms (Verlander and Jackson) and one bat (Inge).
  • The Tigers have allowed the 2nd fewest earned runs in the AL, and the 5th fewest HRs, on the flipside, they rank 9th in On Base Percentage and 10 in Innings Per Start. What that tells us is that all those double plays turned by Inge have probably led to more wins than his 21 homeruns have.
  • The Todd Jones roller coaster retired, and we now have the "For the Love of God Throw a Strike" Fernando Rodney circus.
  • Zumaya hasn't dropped any more boxes on his shoulder, and is learning (although, he still has a ways to go) to throw more than pure heat.
  • Edwin Jackson for Matt Joyce may be the best deal in baseball history (that involved and backup outfielder and a pitcher that had yet to live up to the hype). Jackson might be the player that will help everyone forget Jair Jurrjens was ever a Tiger.
  • Porcello and Perry have everyone salivating at the thought of what they will be able to do in a year or two.
  • Brandon Lyon? Seriously, who thought he was really going to blow our socks off and be a shutdown closer?
  • Miner and Seay just continue to pitch well. Sure they have their rockey moments, but so does everyone.
  • Bonderman is looking more and more like a 12 million dollar mop up guy than the ace everyone (including me) thought he would be.

Finally, I leave you with a scary thought. The Tigers last six games are against the White Sox and Indians.

PS - Coming this week, Series Recaps.


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