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by Scott Bolohan

Now that the trading deadline has passed, we know (for the most part) what the Tigers will be working with going into the playoffs. While Jarrod Washburn definitely adds a solid, reliable piece to the rotation (which had been sorely missing) there is still a lot to be desired offensively, which was not address at all during the deadline.

I would make the Washburn for the Luke French heart attack and A-baller with one (good) pitch move every time. It’s not like Washburn is just an average pitcher (wait a minute…) but has put together one of the best years of any pitcher. Whether he can keep it up or not doesn’t matter as much as the fact that he’ll be good for around six or seven respectable innings every time out (which we can’t get from Porcello at this point).

And if the only major move in the AL Central being the Twins picking up a nice piece in Orlando Cabrera (not really an MVP candidate) and the White Sox trading for a guy who might pitch for them this year, the Tigers look like they made out the best at the deadline.

But it wasn’t good enough.

The Tigers probably had the talent to win the Central either way (Washburn just makes it less exciting, in a good way) but their chances of doing anything in the playoffs is essentially the same. I would have loved to see Luke Scott or Aubrey Huff or essentially any living outfielder capable of hitting acquired. Granted, Carlos Guillen has been a huge boost to the lineup, but combine him with the loss of Brandon Inge’s knee (and ability to hit) it’s a wash. The bottom half of the lineup is all but a sure out, especially against playoff pitching.

It’s not like the Tigers would have been World Series favorites with Luke Scott, or even favorites to win the Division Series. But it would have given them a better chance at most likely not too much of a detrimental price. The Washburn trade (which I like) isn’t all that effective without upgrading the offense.

Let’s just hope that Jake Peavy hasn’t been taking his vitamins.


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