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Cabrera for MVP

by Scott Bolohan

It is pretty much a lock the Tigers are going to the playoffs now. And looking at the roster, it's sort of a miracle. The team was carried by their pretty awesome starters (or at least 3/5 awesome starters), a surprisingly great bullpen, and solid defense. At the same time, their completely miserable and disgusting offense was working against them.

Other than the great Miguel Cabrera, the Tigers were pretty atrocious. Which is why I think Miggy deserves consideration (and maybe should even win) the AL MVP award. If people who blogged for free for random websites

Now if you are from Detroit, you probably think that's crazy. For whatever reason, Detroiters haven't realized how awesome Cabrera really is. He's the best hitter we've had since Al Kaline - and maybe even since Hank Greenberg.

But for whatever reason, people just don't like him here. It could be because he doesn't speak English well (I don't think I've ever heard him talk before), it could be because he's Latino and there isn't a strong contingent in Metro Detroit (but Pudge, Magglio, Guillen, and Polanco were all fan favorites), but most likely it's because he looks slightly out of shape (although I thought he's looked a lot better this year), but I think the real reason is that he's the highest paid Detroit athlete, and was even before he played a game for us. As a blue collar town, we've always appreciated the hard-working guys like Ben Wallace or, hell, Brandon Inge. The number of Inge and Granderson shirts far outnumbers the amount of Cabrera.

But really, all the guy has done since coming to Detroit is rake. I bet that 99% of Tiger fans don't realize he led the AL in homers last year, but about 75% could tell you Granderson went 20-20-20-20. He currently leads the Tigers in average, OBP, homers, and RBI. If you take him out of the lineup, it would essentially be Murdered Row. I'll go out on a limb and say that no single player has meant much to a team as Miguel Cabrera. And that's the definition of MVP.


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