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As much as it kills me....

by: kc Cooper.

So, hopefully, you’ve had a chance to cool down, and clean up the beer that was spilled when Fernando Rodney gave up the winning run last Tuesday night. You’ve also had a chance to watch the Yankee’s run over the Minnesota Twins in three games. I know for me at least, the 2009 ALDS presented an interesting challenge: Do I root for Steinbrenner’s Evil Empire or the domed, bouncing turf, joke of a team that just helped break my heart? Three decades of rooting against the Yankees could not be undone in less than a week and the wounds of last weeks 12 inning scrap were too fresh, so I opted to not watch. Perhaps you were able to stomach it; hats off to you.

The results of that series helped cool the fire of disappointment that motor city kitties ignited in my soul these past few weeks, but they’ve only been reduced to a pile of glowing ember. We may have only lost the opportunity to take that ‘Big Apple Beat-down’ ourselves, but three more games of Tigers baseball would’ve been nice.

The worst part of it all is that the season was essentially over long before the first pitch of game 163. It was over when manager, Jim Leyland opted to rest his pitchers in hopes that the Twins would lose to a Kansas City team that had nothing to play for. It was over when our star first baseman went out on a bender with the opposition the night before the most important weekend series of the season. It was over in June when the Tigers were swept by the annually awful Pittsburgh Pirates. It seemed obvious to me, and to many fans across the Metro Detroit area, but as unimpressive as the Tigers were this season, the rest of the division was always slightly more unimpressive.

The door was left open all season, and rather than walk in and slam it shut, the Tigers let an injured Twins club waltz past them at zero hour and do essentially what we thought the Tigers would do: take advantage of a feeble division and get trounced by the Yankees. So looking at it all with a clear head I realized, the Twins didn’t beat the Tigers, the Tigers beat themselves, and although its too late now: Go Twins!


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