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A memorable series...lets leave it at that

By: Channing Cummins

Do you happen to remember what you were doing on Tuesday night? Most were probably out enjoying the weather, while others were recovering from their first day back to work. One thing that is for certain is that Jeremy Bonderman was on the mound, pitching for the Tigers.

Bonderman was making a crucial start for the Tigers, after they had dropped four of their last five games. Bonderman did his part by contributing eight innings of work and only allowing three runs. It was the Tiger's offense that failed to show up. Besides their comeback in the ninth inning that fell a bit short, the offense looked rather sluggish all night. Like a bad re-run on the TV, it was a struggle to watch.

And then we're left with last night's game. Most likely a game that will never be forgotten to say the least. We were able to see the true personalities of many and the amount of respect they truly have for the game. Enough said.

Armando Galaragga was making his fourth start of the year. "That guy" was also making a crucial start for his team, lets not forget that. He was able to retire 26 batters in a row and failed to get the last out, or so they say. Armando was able to provide the Tigers with a gem and most important a WIN. This has to be a win that provides a lift for a team that absolutely needs one. We also can't forget the incredible catch that rookie Austin Jackson was able to provide in crunch time....I certainly won't!

He was able to provide the Tigers with their 27th win of the year, still leaving the Tigers four games behind the Twins. Fact of the matter is the Tigers are only a third of the way through the season, its the future games that require concern.

Today the Indians took on the Tigers in a rubber match. For the Tigers it, was a game in which they had to step up and make a difference. Rick Porcello took the mound for the Tigers but it was the offense that rose to the next level. The Tigers' offense was able to provide a season high 10 extra base hits and an impressive 12 runs, which would've helped any pitching staff.

Austin Jackson started to heat up with four hits of his own, three of which being doubles. Magglio Ordonez fell a single short of a cycle, adding five r.b.i.'s, putting him at the 40 mark. For the most part the offense was rolling and a statement was definitely made.

However, the defense didn't look as hot. A total of four errors were committed and the defense looked plain ol' sloppy at times. Jackson was able to provide another wow catch for the fans, which seems to become more of a habit as time moves on. The man can cover some ground...

Going into tonight the Tigers remain three games behind the Twins. As the team looks on, the focus needs to be on the teams ahead. The Tigers will take on the Royals, White Sox and Pirates in the next few series. It's safe to say the Tigers are favored greatly in all three series, even though they've shown a lack of success on occasion. They will then take on the Nationals and Diamondbacks in some more inter-league play, which provides another favorable set of teams for the Tigers.

Crucial is an under statement when it comes to these next 15 games. These should be looked at as somewhat easy wins, although there never seems to be an easy win. We can almost bet on the Twins making a run for the playoffs, which puts more stress on a team that faces under .500 teams.

As the starting pitching seems to become more solidified during these recent games, the offense needs to become the focus. Certain role players towards the bottom of the order need to step up as well or certain actions need to be taken. With our first through sixth batters producing top of the league numbers, the last three need to provide some support.

Now as we look back, its not Galaragga's near perfect game that needs the hype or the invention of an instant replay system. The hype needs to be put on the other 109 games that remain because each game is equally as important as the next. The Twins will continue to put 100 percent of their effort on the field each night, which is going to require 110 percent from the Tigers.


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