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If Baseball was Played on Paper: Part One

1. If baseball was played on paper, the Boston Red Sox, and all of their high-priced acquisitions, wouldn't be dead-last in their division.

2. If baseball was played on paper, Joe Mauer would be leading the league in batting. He wouldn't be on the 15-day DL with an "illness", nor would he be hitting .235 when healthy.

3. If baseball was played on paper, the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals would not be one-two in the AL Central, and the Sox and Twins would not be four-five.

4. If baseball was played on paper, the Tigers' Victor Martinez and Joel Zumaya would be healthy and productive.

5. If baseball was played on paper, the Yankees would have 127 World Series trophies.

6. If baseball was played on paper, Barry Bonds would be regarded as the greatest player of all-time.

7. If baseball was played on paper, Tampa Bay's Sam Fuld would be scratching and clawing to make the AAA team, while Manny Ramirez would be a productive outfielder on the big club.

8. If baseball was played on paper, Daisuke Matsuzaka would not have been offered a $103 million contract.

9. If baseball was played on paper, teams like the Pirates and Royals would have been contracted by now.

10. If baseball was played on paper, the Cubs would have won a championship this century.

By: Andy Fung
April 19, 2011

1 comment:

  1. Matsuzaka was only offered a $52 m contract, the other $51 m was a posting fee that he didn't see a dime of. Dice was 33-15 his first two years and was a vital part of a very good Red Sox rotation those two years—one of which netted them a World Series title.